A New Year’s Letter

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Dear Fellow Nigerians,

In 2017, may prosperity come with both justice and peace for our country. It is a season for resolutions, and as we set our personal goals, so we must also set national ones.

Bribecode believes that the business of government is to provide efficient infrastructure and systems and then get out of the way for people to develop society. This will never happen unless we transform our governance systems to serve society as a whole, rather than a ruling class of corrupt bureaucrats and their allies outside government. However powerful our private sector or civil society may grow, we will never achieve our full potential without the environment and systems that only a good government can provide.

The Bribecode’s solution is a new law that transforms anti-corruption enforcement and guarantees good governance by:

  • Changing the penalty of serious corruption from mere fines to liquidation for companies and total assets forfeiture for their individual enablers.
  • Paying a reward of 1% to whistleblowers.
  • Allowing any of Nigeria’s 37 attorneys general to bring liquidation proceedings.

The Bribecode campaign is making progress: in the dying days of 2016, government addressed one of Bribecode’s three main requirements by announcing plans for a law to reward whistleblowers with 5% of recovered funds. It is a beginning, but it is nowhere near enough.

Bribecode’s goal in 2017 is to present the Corporate Corruption Act to the National Assembly with the support of Nigerians. Join us in this goal by

Are you tempted to vote for the status quo by doing nothing? We don’t recommend it. It is amazing how the right medicine can raise a man from his deathbed! Nigerians are dying daily because those in public office spend public time and public resources for corrupt purposes. The Bribecode is the right medicine to stop it. Unfortunately, it is bitter medicine to the corrupt public servants in power. We need YOUR active support to administer this medicine to the patient.

Work with us in 2017. Sign up now and bring your friends and family on board



The Bribecode Team.

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