Yet Another Signature Campaign?

We know exactly how you feel.

Everyday, something evil is happening somewhere in the world. It might be famine or torture, or rape. We can’t be expected to respond to every atrocity. There’s such a thing as Empathy Fatigue. At some point, despite the pain we feel, we have to look away. Just to retain our sanity.

That is why you are here: what you are about to do will help us all look away, in good conscience; because the problems are in good hands.

We hire governments so that we as citizens don’t need to get personally involved in every human tragedy around us. Where there is Good Governance, this delegation works just fine. But Good Governance is not the same thing as a Democratic Government, and we will never have Good Governance without

  • strong national institutions that are
  • independent of powerful special interests.

That is why this is not ‘just another’ petition for you to sign. This is a game-changer law for you to support. The proposed Corporate Corruption Act (a.k.a. BribeCode) brings the interests of the most powerful corporations on the planet in line with the interests of the smallest, least powerful people. It ‘privatizes’ the anti-corruption drive like never before. It creates a climate of good governance that takes care of avoidable tragedies before they happen.

We cannot march for every slave child, kidnapped girl, or abandoned project out there. But we can bring in the magic bullet of the Bribecode.

Sign up here to Support the Bribecode now.
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Find out more about the Bribecode here.

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Abayomi Adejumo

I support bribecode what a great idea

Abayomi Adejumo

I support bribe code

Christopher Dele Akintide.

The bribecode is a brilliant and patrotic project. It should be endorsed by all right thinking Nigerians. Pls,
let Nigeria progress.

Christopher Dele Akintide.

My name is Dele Akintide. The bribecode project is a brilliant and patrotic project and should be endorsed by all right thinking Nigerians.

Uwandu Esther Chioma

This is a brilliant idea worth supporting and I pledge my total support!

Urgent Atention

I fully support the bribe code.
However I disagree with not looking back on past stealing. I believe that ANY CRIME AGAINST THE STATE NO MATTER HOW LONG FORGOTTEN SHALL BE RECALLED AND TRIED. so that the right precedent would be set. ww 2 atrocities is still being investigated and tried in the west.


Generally there is no time limit for criminal offences and the Bribecode does not try to change that. All it proposes to do is to make sure that no company is liquidated under its provisions for an act of corruption that was not punishable with liquidation AT THE TIME OF COMMITTING THE OFFENCE. However the offence may still be punishable under other laws. Currently Money Laundering laws permit the courts to liquidate erring companies.


I’m in total support of this brilliant code….God bless my country nigeria

Jatau Solomon Hassan

I am in support of bribecode to checkmate any corruption & its tendency. Please l hereby affirm my strong support to implement the bribecode in our law to match those brute milking my belove country NIGERIA. Once more do all you can to
stop further looting. Cheers. God bless my Nigeria. Jatau Solomon Hassan.


I am against the evil bill being considered.I support the bribe code.Nigeria must progress

evans bayefa

I support the bribecode ideology for it is the only way forward