... finally, a vote for the masses...
… finally, a vote for the masses…

Sign The Bribecode Petition Now.

Bribecode’s Goal is to end the widespread corruption that keeps Nigeria from reaching her full potential. Grand Corruption in government means that contracts are awarded to companies on the basis of their deals with corrupt officials and politicians, rather than the national interest.  This means that

  • the contracts cost us more
  • the winning contractors are not necessarily the best
  • the resulting services, roads, bridges etc, are low quality
  • thousands of partly and fully paid projects are abandoned
  • the wrong people (who are only interested in kickbacks) are attracted into politics and public office
  • the right people (interested in service, in history) will either never be attracted into politics, or be destroyed by the deals they have to make to get there.

Our solution is to start at the source of the problem: the contract between the government and the companies. When the Bribecode comes into force, whistleblowers who bring information on corruption are not only protected, they are rewarded substantially. And if a company is convicted of serious corruption, it faces the penalty of liquidation, with no fine option, and with 1% of its assets going to reward the whistleblower/s. Unlike the current situation, corrupt companies can no longer depend on their partners in government to shield them from prosecution because any of Nigeria’s 37 attorneys general can bring liquidation proceedings.

This will help to end Grand Corruption by making the penalty for corruption unacceptable to company directors and shareholders and creating a private sector with zero tolerance for public sector corruption. The new anti-corruption culture will grow mostly by self-regulation from the private sector and impact the rest of society, especially the public sector. Within one budget year, we can expect to see real ‘transformation’ in society.

Together, we can make this Happen! The 9th National Assembly has now been inaugurated. We must tell our lawmakers our priority for this National Assembly: The Bribecode, not another law to increase legislators’ salaries. With the Grand Recall, we must use our constitutional right to Recall lawmakers who oppose the Bribecode, perhaps to preserve their access to ‘Ghana must Go’ bags from corporate lobbyists.

Any Questions?

Support The Bribecode Now.

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I am Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido and I support the BribeCode

Ozioma Izuora

I am Ozioma Izuora. I support the BribeCode! About time too….Accountability is too important to be left to greedy politicians.


This is massive. I am in full support.

Jon manuels Enekele

My name is Jon manuels. A good way to start. The desired change begins from here.

Adegbesote Adeleye

I am Adegbesote Adeleye Abel. I support the Bribe Code. It’s time to cut off unnecessary wastage in the country…..

Nimali Asiya Rodrigo

I support a credible whistleblower initiative 100%. Great incentive to encourage co-operation and keep contractors on their toes.

Jude-Souza Akwo

“My name is Jude-Souza Akwo and I support the BribeCode”

Nicholas Ajayi

This is a laudable initiative and all of us at NEW NIGERIAN FORUM will mobilise please to make it a function of law

Basit Abiola

I Am Ogunsola Abiola, I Support Bribecode

Skull shehu

Lets fight corruption to the end, together we can do it!


I strongly support bribecode

Kingsley Iwu

I am strongly in support of the bribe code.

Abdullahi Mani

This is a welcome develoment. I strongly support the BRIBECODE 100%.

William kayode

Corruption is the greatest hindrance to our development. We need to ‘genuinely’ kill corruption, before it kills us all. I support this movement 100%….William Kayode.

Achile Umameh

I am Michael Achile Umameh, I wholeheartedly support and active promote Bribe-code


Wow! This is so nice! I’m fully in support of Bridecode

Bobly Asoronye

I am in support of the bribe code.


i am in support of bribe code, but why does it take so long. I think i joined since 2017

Godson Nkeokelonye

I am in full support of the Bribe Code.

Osedi Lucky

If supporting this, is to improve on a dysfunctional system that has continued to leave us lingering in the dark, then I dive in support of it wholeheartedly.

Elaigwukings Elaigwu

if it is pass it will go along way in resolving the Nigeria problem not just the corruption problems but the problems that have bedevilled us as a Nation

Johnpaul Anih

I really pray it scales through. I volunteer to lead this Campaign in Enugu state.

Adeniyi Kunnu

The Bribe Code has had my support from its Inception…I support The Bribe Code!

Rosemary Abiola-Oke

My name is Rosemary Abiola-Oke, I stand with the bribecode enough is enough

Emeka Nwokocha

I am Comrade Emeka Nwokocha. I strongly suggest the bribe code initiative…

Joseph ayeotu

My name’s are Joseph ayeotu I am in support of the bride code yes we most fight it to be implemented.

Ajagba felix

Am Ajagba felix, am in support of the bribecode 100%. Corruption must come to an end in Nigeria.