Dear Member of the National Assembly

(Are you angry at the proposed Looters’ Bill? Well, you must do more than ‘SMH’, otherwise, it could still become law. Here’s a draft letter to mail to your lawmakers. Feel free to add and subtract to reflect your state of mind, but be sure to copy us at info(at) and share your letter on social media.)


Dear Hon…. (If you do not know your lawmakers, click here),

I was outraged at the provisions of the Looters’ Bill (officially called ‘the Voluntary Taxable Income Recovery and Amnesty Scheme Bill’) which passed its first reading in the House of Representatives on the 14th of June, 2017.

For the record, I am staunchly opposed to it. I believe that such a bill has no place in civilised society. I will do all in my power to see that it does not become law and I kindly request you as my elected representative to oppose the bill rigorously.

I have signed the petition for The Bribecode to become law in Nigeria. I believe that the philosophy and prescriptions of that bill are more in keeping with a New Nigerian vision, I therefore urge you to review it and lend your full and vocal support to a Bribecode Bill.

Thank you,



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