I Support the Bribecode

'I signed up... will you?' Dr. Goje
‘I signed up… will you?’ – Dr. Goje Mohammed
  • I believe that the proposed Bribecode (The Corporate Corruption Act) is the best way to release the stranglehold that corruption has on the future of Nigeria.
  • I agree that it should be passed into law.

Dear NASS, Please Pass the Bribecode

Dear Lawmakers,

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Bravo for this landmark move!

Patrick Oguejiofor

If only it scales through!

emmanuel nkwap

I’m in full support of the move


I also agree to this,I hope it scales through

Daluchi Anaka

I support the Bribe Code .


This is a great idea and I certainly believe that many Nigerians would sign into it.
Updates of events should be made public as often as they arrive.


I support Barcode!

Rahman Habib

I really appreciate Ur great idea on this and I will and continue to share this great platform. I support bribecode.


Make sense!

bola hamzat

Am in support….bravo,lovely.may God bless this nation

Abayomi Adejumo

I support bribe code.proud of this idea

farinde oluwatosin

I support bribecode

Peter O. Olanrewaju

This is the time to enthrone righteousness in Nigeria. Join Bribecode – a team that seeks to dethrone corruption and corrupt acts in the structures and system of Nigeria.

Dare Sokoya

Let’s engage the social media more time to kick it out


i support the bribe code instantly 7 forever it annul small & grand corruption to a harmless level in years to come.God bless your rich mind for this timely initiative.
gbemi tijani

ibirogba muideen adewale

I support the bribe code totally.

ibirogba muideen adewale

I support the bribe code totally. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria


I support Bribecode

Matthew Olaoluwa

Awesome idea!
This really is the well deserved change that our dear country had long waited for: I SUPPORT BRIBECODE!!!

Afolabi Sulaimon Olawale

The admin should work on the website, we should be able to share this website via facebook. It is a good step in ensuring THE NIGERIA OF OUR DREAMS.

moruf alabi

its a great privilege to be here

Bolaji Temilola

BRAVO!!; I support this ooo,may God never leave us and help us


Kudos to the initiator and thanks to all that have hook up with it


Am fully in support of dis thumbsup for u guys keep it up ….naija will surely be a better place to live 1 day

Adeleke Emmanuel

Bride giving and bribe taking are devilish and must not be permitted in our society.


Am in support .


nb.I have already supported the bribe code and daily corporate customer relations are even lending credence to the timeliness of the bribecode.Imagine a gene ration of bankers who naively reversed my account name opened since 2005! without notifying me ..I support the bribe code because there s a lot of mess already in my personal and public habits of relating commercially or professionally & atimes uncivic unrefined ways .Only the bribe code will endure and will always be in place to help the legislation and executives in government.Ethics inclusive the bribecode will make us spiritually 7 physically productive. gbemi tijani… Read more »

Chinyere Nkemjika

I support the bribe code.

Courage Obi Ani

Am in full support and very happy to be part of this anti corruption movement. youths of dignity and integrity our future is in our hands thank you and God bless you.

Igbondo Shehu

I am in! Lets fight corruption to a stop!


i’m in full support with this idea let fight this common enemy call corruption together

Chrysanthus Dakogol

This will be a new dawn in the corporate existence of Nigeria State. I am in full support of the the proposed Act. We can’t affort to mortgage our future in the hands of unpatriotic Nigerians.

Hussaini Musa Gnawu

Nice move


Everything Go Change for Nigeria..


I Support The Bribe Code..

Oluwole funso femi

I support it how can this new development get to the grassroot like my own local government so that we can build the nation together. As we know this corruption want to destroy this country. Please how can we go about the grassroot.

Muhammed owolabi

We are in democracy, you also can take this sms to ur local govt, sencitize them.

Jatto Samuel

I am Jatto Samuel, currently in Germany. I support bribe code wholeheartedly.

Muhammed owolabi

Pls try to spread d sms to nigerians in germany, lets all build nigeria 2geder, rmber there is no place like home.

ojo Isaac

I prayed this effort will not be in vainn in jesus name. Amen


Lets kill corruption before it kills us all

okechukwu anslem eluchie

this is really what the nation really need. Ride on bros and i will spread the news


The CHANGE has come to stay. Let us forge ahead and deliver this country from the few cliques that believed that they are untouchables. We shall print our names on the SANDS of time. Only time will tell.

Bright Segun Isaiah

I Support Bribecode, it is the real weapon that we need to conquer corruption in Nigeria.

Maazi Tochukwu Ezeoke

I am Maazi Ezeoke, I am up for genuine change and willing to contribute my quota.

Cornelius Fayeun

Great initiative. I support fully.

Chalya Princess Miri-Gazhi

Nigeria has been thriving on corruption in so many endemic ways, overtly or covertly. We need accountable governance in a democracy that truly reflects the representation of the Nigerian people. We are tired of these crop of leaders whose only interest is in USING PUBLIC OFFICE TO BECOME RICH. All these talk about figting corruption is not even sinking into their heads. Everyone gets there and it is business as usual. We Welcome BribeCode in every area of public service.


I support 100%,this will loot the looters that is silently killing this our beloved Country, please,we need branding stickers etc and include whatsapp as it is the fastest information mouthpiece this days.i laud your efforts in salvaging this country from the Lion den we are for the past years,change reall begin with me and you.
And we need to workon implementation in judiciary systems too,a person that still 10000 is given 20yrs imprisonment while those that still billion Dollars are given 1years of fine of 100000 naira,let us wake up for this to work.
I support corruption free society.

Samuel Jatto

I Samuel Jatto, am in Total support of Bribe code

AbdulHamid Adiamoh

I am AbdulHamid Adiamoh and I am in complete and absolute support of the BribeCode. Pass the Corporate Corruption Act into law NOW!

Amaka Bessie

Let’s all support this,if Nigeria must be redeemed,if we wish our children better lives,if we want to be proud of who we are as a nation.

Uche Oduah

I SUPPORT…..100%

Seun Ogunleye

Admin Please add a Whatsapp Share Link, This will be more effective in
spreading the word.

Phil Zopa

Thank you for the suggestion. There is already a Whatsapp link if you click through the top share button, but we will make it more prominent.

Akintola Mojeed

I am strongly in support of this. More of this must be done to liberate the masses from these cursed looters.


I am in total support of BribeCode.

Femi Adenugba

i totally support this we all must wake up and challenge unwanted bill that will be pass in the national assembly, if the senate continue to bring unscrupulous bill we should be ready to call them back….

akem justine

i support…….100%