I am Chuma Nwokolo & I Support the Bribecode


When I hear of the millions of men, women and children whose lives have been destroyed by the crises in North Eastern Nigeria, it takes me back to my childhood in Asaba during the months of the Nigerian Civil War.

Nigeria’s first coup plotters cited corruption as an excuse. Corruption has been cited by every coup plotter  since, by every opposition.  Yet, every  government that came in to fight corruption has been destroyed by corruption. Today, political office is often approached as a business investment that must pay dividends to politicians and godfathers, through kickbacks from company contractors.

Yet, public office should be a place of service.

Most of us who can bring about peaceful change in our country are already comfortable; we have made our peace with our broken  system. This guilty, silent, collaboration by we the capable is the only reason why the criminal rape of our country continues. Yet, the dispossessed who are NOT comfortable in this system cannot make peaceful change. They will suffer and suffer; but when they do explode, yet another African country will go up in flames.

This is why, even for selfish reasons, the ‘comfortable’ must boldly come together to do what has never been done before.

The Bribecode is a simple solution to the complex problem of bad governance in Africa. We cannot march for every single girl kidnapped, boy enslaved, or budget embezzled. But we can institute a system that gives Good Governance a great chance. The Bribecode is that system. It will restore governments that have been hijacked by cabals so that they can look out for the interests of all. It will allow the budgeted billions to filter down to the grassroots, so that millions who have been marginalised throughout their lives can finally say: This is My Country. As a child of the Civil War, I cannot wish the ultimate fruits of corruption on my worst enemies, certainly not on the innocents of my own country.

That is why I support the Bribecode.

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Dele Alo

Thanks for keeping me informed on bribecode.

olayiwola babatunde

I am OLAYIWOLA BABATUNDE & I Support the bribecode