Call for Volunteers


Fellow Citizen,

Thank you for reading the Bribecode and signing up as a supporter. You are probably wondering if there is anything else you can do to help make sure the law is passed.

Well, there is.

Currently, our pressing goal is to reach as many citizens as possible and Team BribeCode is calling for Volunteers from all ages and walks of life. Are you passionate about fixing our Governance problem? Are you willing to tell people about it? Can we reach you by email or telephone? Then you are qualified! We invite you to join the team that aspires to truly transform Nigeria.

The Corporate Corporation Act a.k.a BribeCode is a proposed, citizen-inspired law that aims to tackle corruption and bad governance by revolutionizing the system of anti-corruption enforcement in Nigeria. We’re looking for volunteers to help up raise awareness, supporters, and drive through the legislation at the 8th National Assembly. We look forward to working with you!

Do fill in the form beneath and we will be in touch,


Yours, in Nigeria,


Team Bribecode.

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