#Dear5Friends: 100k Nigerians for Bribecode by Independence Day

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What excuse can we give our grandchildren for not fixing Nigeria for them?
‘Time is money. And you were not there to pay me to sign the Bribecode’?

Yesterday we piloted a #Dear5Friends campaign. It was simple:

  • send an invite to five friends to support Bribecode, &
  • follow up till they sign up.
  • Do it all over, till you run out of friends!

It was a small pilot but it worked well with Okey Ndibe getting the top spot for referrer, and Jennifer Emelife, Chibuzor Mirian Azubike and Lizzy Mu getting honorable mention. But to be fair, most of our many signups forgot to mention their referrers! Now is your chance to be today’s Top Bribecoder: it’s a harmless game that actually does some good. (Next time another public building collapses we won’t think: I could have saved lives by signing the Bribecode and stopping the kickbacks that brought down this house).

How can you join the campaign?

Well, make sure you have signed up yourself at www.bribecode.org/signup,  then simply post a status update and tag five friends. Follow them up till they sign up, and do it all over again!

Come back here tomorrow and see how well we’ve done. By Independence Day, we want to have raised 100,000 supporters before taking the Bribecode to the National Assembly.

For Facebook


To end corruption, I’m tagging you to raise +100k signatures for the ‪#‎Bribecode by Independence Day. Just sign up at www.bribecode.org/signup and add my name as your referrer in the comment box. Then copy and paste this status, tagging five of your own friends too. Do this for Nigeria!

And do it again and again…

Your great-grandchildren say ‘thanks‘.


For Twitter

#Dear5Friends, Join +100K signatures @ www.bribecode.org/signup! Add me as your referrer & tweet this @ 5 more friends



Next week, we start an SMS Campaign. Look out for it…


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Baoku Ismail

The proposed Bribecode will reduce corruption and other illegal activities.

This is good in our nation building. God bless Nigeria.