NASS Petition No: 268

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Dear Lawmakers,

To the 8th National Assembly,

The Federal Republic of Nigeria,


Dear Sirs,

Please Enact The Bribecode!

By this petition, we the undersigned citizens of Nigeria hereby request your support in presenting, defending, and passing the Corporate Corruption Act (the Bribecode) into law.

The most critical problem facing Nigeria is the bad governance that results from Grand Corruption. The Bribecode can make this history and lead our country to her full potential.

The Bribecode’s solution is to start at the source of the problem: the contract between the government and the companies. When the Bribecode comes into force, whistleblowers who bring information on corruption are not only protected, they are rewarded with 1% of the proceeds of a successful prosecution. And if a company is convicted of serious corruption, it faces the penalty of Liquidation, with Total Assets Forfeiture for individual collaborators. Liquidation proceedings can be brought by any of the country’s 37 attorneys general. Details of the proposed bill can be found here: (

This will help to end Grand Corruption by making the penalty for corruption unacceptable to company directors and shareholders and creating a private sector with zero tolerance for public sector corruption. The new anti-corruption culture will grow mostly by self-regulation from the private sector and impact the rest of society, especially the public sector. Within one budget year, we can expect to see real ‘transformation’ in society.

I look forward to your support in progressing this Bill through the National Assembly. Where I hold  a current voter’s card, I will also be requesting for a S.69 Recall of my Legislators where they oppose the Bribecode and the public interest.

Thank you,

Mr Emeka Okelum Okonta



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